Nothing is Forever

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October 4, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I got a shock this morning when I showed up for work and they were asking the company president to box his stuff and get out. This is the man that hired me more than a dozen years ago, a man that’s been here since the start and has built the company up over the past two decades into what it is today.

And now? Gone. No warning. The board has voted.

Yes, things change. It’s how we react to this change that really defines us as a person. And everything is in a state of flux. People don’t want to be taken out of their comfort zone. Sure, a few thrive on the challenge and excitement of uncertanty, but most of us prefer stability.

But music is all about change. Are you one that is still clinging to vinyl, or have you moved onto CDJs or Laptops? Are you still mixing it up “old school” — track into track into track? Or are you doing something more, something new, something fresh? Multiple tracks, loops, cutting, dropping, sampling.

And it’s not just the medium that’s changed. It’s the sound. Used to be banging house, funky house, then minimal, then tech, then electro. Now it’s dubstep. Trance never dies, it’s just re-born. UK hard house to NRG to hardstyle… What’s next?

You need to decide: Are you going to live in the past — were they really “the good ol’ days?” anyway, or is it all relative? Or are you going to evolve with the music? You can’t move forward if you’re looking behind.

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