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October 7, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I put out a Top 5 list (almost) every week because when I find good music I want to share it. Sure, I browse hundreds of songs, promos, and bootlegs every week. I trainspot, I pay attention to playlists and watch other DJs’ charts. I enjoy digital diggin’. No, it’s not quite as satisfying or rewarding as diggin’ for vinyl used to be back in the day, but that’s the world we live in now.

I’m pretty diverse in terms of sound — and this is both a blessing and a curse; more on that later. I’m not pigeonholed into one particular genre and this gives me a wider base of music to choose from.

But what bothers me is these new DJs that only download the Top 10 list from Beatport or hunt down every song from their hero’s chart to put in their own crate. Are you really so insecure that you don’t trust your own taste in music?

Back in my wax slangin’ days I used to cover up the label on my records. Yes, I was THAT GUY. But now — when everybody has access to everything — why bother? Usually the only original material is stuff you’ve done yourself. So now I don’t worry about keeping my tunes secret. I’m not afraid to post my tracklists and to put up my weekly Charts.

So why am I so surprised when I come across a mix that had a bunch of songs I’ve posted about over the past few months? I guess I thought that DJs were beyond biting each other. With so much music out there it shouldn’t be hard to find your own stuff. Or if you’re really that lazy, why can’t you at least cherry-pick from different places?

Don’t grab all your tunes from me!


Half the fun is finding new music. Why wouldn’t you want to look for yourself?

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