Thanksgiving Weekend

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November 29, 2010 by DJ Elroy

It was nice.

Yes, took myself out of the loop for a few days. This is probably one of my favorite boxes on the calander; it’s not just the time off work, it’s a chance to relax with the feeling that things will turn out right in the end. And the traditions! The food. The football. The family. Everything.

Brookers and I hoped for a Detroit win (we’re not fans; we just pity them!) and hoped for a Dallas loss… One of two ain’t bad. We weren’t interested in feasting on our feathered friends, so we went with some buttered shrimp and corn and beans and rolls and mashed potatoes and… well, probably the same fixins as the rest of America…

No work. No email. No phone calls.  Just food on the table and a bit of old music getting some overdue speaker time. The Polecats rolled out an aggressive rockabilly afternoon and I caught Mike NessCheating at Solitare” as we cleaned up the after-meal kitchen. I love electronica, but sometimes getting back to my rock’n’roll roots gives me perspective on things…

And the worst part of the holiday? Coming back to work. The paperwork at the day job has stacked up, it took me until lunch to get thru my phone messages, and my email is still overflowing. And my music box is full of new promos, tour dates, press releases, and probably a bunch of spam… Hi Ho, it’s back to work we go…

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