Morgan Page Q&A w/Podcast Mix

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December 1, 2010 by DJ Elroy

I’ve been rockin’ out to the Morgan Page Podcasts for a while but havne’t yet had the chance to catch him live… Christmas comes early this year, however, and on Thursday, December 9th he’ll be dropping by the Mile High City with a stop at Beta Nightclub. If you’re not familiar with Mr Page, you haven’t been listening. He’s not only making waves underground, he’s broken thru the commercial barrier with an arsenal of pop remixes and commercial projects and has even been nominated for a Grammy this year…. He tends towards progressive club and electro house, heavy beats and vocals; the perfect club jock to heat up a December dancefloor! Aside from his Podcast, he’s released several albums and singles and his list of remixes is absolutely Biblical! I had a chance to throw a few questions his way between studio sessions…

MORGANPAGE Podcast Episode 25 by morganpage

Genres are so 1999… So without a generic label, how would you describe your style and your musical direction? Does your sound follow the scene or does the scene follow your sound?

Song-heavy club music. My music has become very vocal focused and I think it’s growing beyond just the dance world. To me, timeless songs are really important — long after a certain “sound” has gotten worn out.

Early inspirations and the 3 singles your iPod sees the most of at the moment?

I got into electronic music through Moby, The Crystal Method, Aphex Twin, then got into deep-house by Terry Lee Brown Jr and The Timewriter. My favorite dance singles right now are “Agora” by Thomas Gold, “Take Over Control” by Afrojack, and “Beachball” Chris Lake Remix.

A few weeks back I came across your unreleased Sinatra remix of “This Town” — are you a fan of ol’ Blue Eyes or was this project in the line of duty?

The Sinatra remix was done on spec for the Oceans 13 soundtrack. It was a fun remix — totally different than my usual style.

For sure; stepping outside the zone prevents burnout, right? You’ve blown up in the club scene and as a remixer lately, do you have any “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” stories? What does it take to “make it” nowadays?

No juicy stories; connections definitely help you get in the door, but everybody usually waits for you to be a success before they open any doors for you.

To make it these days you have to be persistent, talented, and lucky. You can’t rely on record sales — you need to tour heavily and build your brand one new fan at a time.

Speaking of touring, what non-essential won’t you travel without? Any opinion on the new TSA screening policies? “Don’t touch my junk” or “better safe than sorry”?

The uproar about the TSA stuff is overblown. When you travel a lot, you get used to those sort of hassles. My essentials for traveling are my Bose Noise Reduction headphones.

What big projects do you have in the works?

I will be releasing a DJ mix in Feb 2011 and an artist album in the Spring.

And how about your favorite “last call” song of 2010?

[It’s] one of my upcoming “top secret” songs that I did with BT, Sultan & Shepard, and Angela McClusky

Oh, so that’s how you roll… guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves! See you next week in Denver!

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