Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs 2010

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December 7, 2010 by DJ Elroy

The Top 100 poll results are out now:

So? I haven’t been too impressed the past few years. 2009 seemed too contrived, almost as if RA went out of their way to be the yin to the DJMag yang. And like the DJ Mag poll, top honors didn’t change much from last year. A few up, a few down, a few new, but anything really exciting? Naw.

I will say it’s definitely a deeper, darker, more underground tech and house vibe. Less commercial. Less trance. Less pop. Less cheese (and less rodents)… But does it represent the face of dance music today? No. But maybe it’s not supposed to.

Take the Top 5:

5. Ben Klock
4. Loco Dice
3. Seth Troxler
2. Richie Hawtin
1. Ricardo Villalobos

Good shows, decent producers… pioneers? Sure, I’ll go with that. Hell, I like a bunch of names on this Top 100; I’m a big fan of a few, and those were ranked better on this poll than some of the others… But the list as a whole is rather obscure, and being underground seems to be a condition to getting a nod. Yes, there are a few with the “superstar” status stuck to them, but most of these are the old guard, there to make the list credible.

I’ve already been told I’m “out of touch” because I didn’t recognize the brialliance of these picks. I don’t think so, but maybe I am. Music is so subjective it’s hard to base any type of polls on much besides a popular vote or sales figures — recorded music, or live shows, or… Anything else is just somebody’s opinion.

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