DJ Dan @ Beta Nightclub (12/11/10)

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December 13, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Digital Dance Log: 11 December 2010. Denver. It was a pretty unremarkable weekend. The weather wasn’t too bad for this time of year; cold, but no snow. Hung out with some friends, took care of some business, made some arrangements to update the studio here at HQ, and went to catch a show.

We got to the club later than normal. The opening DJ – Wicked Won, I believe – was just finishing up. He had some solid music but was banging a bit hard for a warm-up slot. And that lost him some respect in my eyes… I know it’s exciting to spin for people, but there is a craft that needs to be learned, a dancefloor psychology…

Up next was Denver’s deadly duo: Cognition and T-Rav. The fellas spun out of the bangin’ opener and since the club was filling up and the drinks were getting knocked down they stepped it up a notch with some melodic electro house, vocal-heavy club tunes, and some fancy-trancy stuff. We used to jam together back in the day, and it was good to hear them and see how far their sound has come.

And finally, the funk. You know what? It’s DJ Dan. So there weren’t a lot of surprises. Dan is the kind of man that lets the music speak for itself. He doesn’t need to showboat. The set was pretty much what you’d expect… and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So many other DJs are hit-or-miss, but Dan is solid, consistent. He brought the funk, the filtered sleeze, some banging electro and some retro and some… well, you get the picture. He included cuts off his new artist album and some other hot tracks from his podcast. All in all a good set.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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