Foam Parties

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December 14, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Remember these?

I walked into the breakroom at the office and one of the new-hires had put foaming hand soap in the dishwasher… the suds were coming up out of the sink and had covered the counter and floor, kind of like something from an old sitcom…

But Foam Parties? Not the most underground of shows to be sure. Not in Denver, anyway. The DJ was always a no-name hack, spinning mostly Top 40 with some R&B and techno-pop (Sandstorm anyone?)… So we didn’t hit these things up for the music, that’s for sure.

If you’ve never been to a Foam Party, think of it like a giant bubble bath without the water. The dancefloor was covered in suds; At the deep end it was over my head! People running around in sandles, swim trunks and tropical shirts, bikinis or wet T-shirts… Crazy!

Thinking of these old Foam Parties, I realized that I haven’t heard much about them in town for quite a while… the last one I went to must have been eight or ten years ago. Do they still happen behind closed doors somewhere?

I won’t say I miss going to them; I know I wouldn’t enjoy them now. Going into the bubbles always seemed to make breathing hard, and getting lost in the mess had some people freaking out. It was fun, but I’m over it. But the experience, the memories…

We saw some dirty stuff go down at these Partys. Drunk frat boys peeing into the crowd. People slipping and sliding and falling on the wet floors (probably one of the biggest reasons these don’t happen much anymore)… Naked kids running around in the bubbles. Sex of all kinds… But nobody cared! We were all there to have fun, and with enough drinking the music wasn’t really so bad, was it?

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