"My Favorite Things"

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December 15, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Still undecided on this one… Great house beats (I’m a nut for percussive tribal craziness!), but the vocals? I’m not sure. It sure ain’t Julie Andrews. But it works, right? Kinda annoying, but yes, it works. I can see the vocals coming from the cat on the album art… It’s one of those songs you may not like at first but the more you hear it, the better it gets. The dub is, well… the track seems built around the spoken-word, so the dub comes up short. Anyway, check out the sample and press release below. What do you think?

Press Release:

NOICE! is proud to present “My Favorite Things,” a cutting-edge remake by Amit Shoham (of Tarantic Records fame) of an all-time classic tune. Amit’s version begins with a fiery percussion jam, setting the dancefloor ablaze with a richly-layered house groove. Developing patiently, the track initially provides little clue of the show-tune inspiration for this energetic affair. The quirky and evocative spoken-word lyrics are a delightful surprise when they enter late in the track and finally recall one of the most recognizable tunes in show business. Vaguely-ethnic flutes and strings recite the melody as the vocals progress, as though the hills of some exotic land are alive with the sound of music. All in all, this release is a fresh and vibrant take on a familiar song—not to mention a blazing-hot party tune. In addition to the original mix, a dub version omits the lyrics and melody providing a percussion-laden DJ tool. The release is already being supported by the likes of M.A.N.D.Y, Murray Richardson, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Jevne, Gavin Hardkiss, and many others.

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