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December 23, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Sometimes Pandora hits it right on, a custom-made playlist tailored to your life. This afternoon as half the office is out for the holiday, I’m stuck toiling at my desk, the wintery clouds creeping across the sky, making empty threats to snow…

Then I heard the Man in Black’s “Hurt

I can’t say it was the ray of sunshine I’d been looking for. Nobody who knows the song could say that. But it did make me smile, because I could relate. Our situations may not be the same, but the feeling of melancholy sure is. “I hurt myself today / to see if I still feel” — ain’t that the truth? Sometimes shit gets so wierd, life gets so surreal, it’s hard to keep up. When your head is in the clouds sometimes a little hurt is what it takes to get your feet back on the ground… It’s cold outside, and dirty, and the green is gone until spring. Everything looks dead. And although this year is great my mind keeps wandering back to years past where I’ve sat alone in my room during the holidays, drugged into numbness, making excuses to all my friends who had invited me over for Christmas dinners or family gatherings… I remeber that I finally had to turn my phone off to be left in peace and quiet, alone with my mistakes and regrets.

Then came “If I Ever Leave this World Alive” by Flogging Molly. A cut from the live set at the Greek. The manic jump between songs seemed to kick-start my mood and the dark cloud lifted. That’s the power of music. “If I ever leave this world alive / I’ll come back down and sit beside your feet tonite“. Have you ever appreciated someone so much that it seems nothing could keep you apart?

Up next: “Story of My Life” (Social Distortion). A true taste of Americana, and it speaks volumes! Growing up, moving on, getting old. We’ve all been there. Highschool crushes, successes, failures. Change. Everything that makes life worth living. “Good times come and good times go / I only wish the good times would last a little longer“. Reminds you to appreciate what you’ve got while it’s here…

And then something I haven’t heard often this past decade. The Offspring’sThe Kids aren’t all Right“. More neo-punk than the Social D cut; less serious but just as fun. An anthem for the anti-generation.

And a change-up from the solo Mike NessThe Devil in Miss Jones” from his Cheating At Solitare album… Country-western licks with rock attitude and slicked-back hair. It wasn’t so much the lyrics as the message in music on this one.

It’s rare that I get so many of the right songs just when I need them from Pandora. It’s often hit-or-miss, but every once in a while, it seems like some great diety is speaking to me thru internet radio.

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