George Clinton sues Black Eyed Peas

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December 27, 2010 by DJ Elroy

Son, you disappoint. Eventually they all go for the money.

Don’t have too much more to say about this… I wonder what made him flip-flop on this?

But the bigger issue is copyright… Hip-hop (and to a lesser extent, electronica) is build on taking what’s come before and building off it… What are your thoughts on the whole sampling/copyright issue? Is it ever ok for one artist to sample somebody else? When? How about if the artist (either the original producer or the remixer) gives the track away and doesn’t make any direct money from it? Or what if it’s less than a 5 second clip? Or what if they twist and tweak the sample beyond recognition?

As a DJ/Producer, does this change how you will operate? How does it affect the casual listener?

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