"Take One" (SHM Documentary)

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January 4, 2011 by DJ Elroy

“Take One” (Swedish House Mafia Documentary)

Ok, I’ll admit it: I was never a huge fan of Swedish House Mafia. Sure, they have some good tracks. The players (Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebestian Ingrosso) have all been hot on the charts, but it’s just not my sound. It seems too friendly. I don’t live underground; I’m not an elitist by any means. I just thought spinning their music was too easy… A guaranteed hit. I like finding stuff that nobody else is playing, you know?

But after seeing “Take One“, they’ve got my attention. I need to say they’ve earned some respect in my eyes.

They haven’t burned out. They still enjoy the music and the show; it’s not just a paycheck. And they make the creative process look easy. Sure, sometimes it happens like that; the music just seems to jump out of your head. I know it wasn’t as easy as it looked, with a lot of unseen headaches in the process of making the chart-topping “One“… This isn’t a DVD to be taken seriously, it’s just tour/studio footage. But to me it’s always fascinating, always inspiring, watching pros work. And not just musicians. There is something about watching a master work his craft (musicians, painters, artists, sports players, actors, whatever) that gives me the chills.

Is this a “Spinal Tap” for the electronic scene? Hardly. Is it informative? Not really. Is it worth the $80 price (the DVD isn’t sold separately) for the deluxe collectors edition? No.

But it’s fun, and it inspired me anew. At least for that afternoon.


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