Burning Out

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January 12, 2011 by DJ Elroy

It’s that time between the winter holidays and the WMC, that time that everything slows down in the underground. Fewer mixes, fewer releases, and the “winter” line-up. It can’t always be club season, right?

And there’s just so much other stuff to do. Movies. Games. Concerts. Anyone else just feeling a bit “blah” about dance music lately?

And no, I’m not just talking about spinning a set. I haven’t really felt like jockin’ for a few months. I’m talking about the scene as a whole. The music. Do the nightlife politics get too tiresome sometimes? The bickering about genres, the infighting between cliques and promoters, the half-assed and uninspired tunes, the fake people, the… well you get the idea.

What do you do? Keep on listening to the music and hoping things will get better? Praying you’ll stumble across a gem of a mix? Or are they all starting to sound the same? Do you take a break? Stay inside for a few weeks (or months)? Or look somewhere else for inspiration?

I’ll admit it, I’m feeling burned out.

I don’t like to poo-poo our nightlife culture, but sometimes you’ve got to wonder to yourself why you’re even part of the scene… And if you haven’t had doubts, you haven’t been around long enough.

Not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe take some time out of the clubs. Maybe spend some time in the studio. I’ll keep my ears open for some new mixes, but I’m not expecting too much until March. The NYE mixes I’ve heard have for the most part been pretty mainstream.

So what’s next? Probably lie low for a while. I’ve dug out a bunch of old Global Underground and Renaissance mixes to jam on. Maybe I’ll finish up my new studio and put together some mixes and try find the inspiration for new tracks…

Stay tuned!

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