Akai's iPad-docking SynthStation 49

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January 15, 2011 by DJ Elroy


Remember when everything had an iPhone dock? The coming dock revolution will be just like that, but a lot more massive. Akai is showing off a non-functioning version of its SynthStation 49-key MIDI controller at NAMM this weekend, and it’s pretty much the same idea as the smaller iPhone-docking Synthstation25. That said, here you’ve got nine velocity-sensitive MPC pads, a separate transport section, and 1/4-inch outs. And an adjustable iPad dock, which is a funny thing to see on a keyboard. Software-wise, this younger-bigger bro in the family will also support CoreMIDI — and an updated version of Akai’s SynthStation iOS app for the bigger screen, using the added real estate to allow finer, more direct control over the sound, along with a new recording section and simultaneous drum / synth sequencing. Not a bad piece of kit for the pad-centric musician in your life — look for it to splash down this June for $199. Check below the break for video of the unit and a runthrough of the new software.

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