The Surreal Life

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January 17, 2011 by DJ Elroy

It’s one of those mornings: you wake up, shower, and go to work. But something isn’t quite right. You’ve got that feeling in the back of your mind that this life isn’t real. It’s getting harder to differentiate between reality and fantasy… You’re not sure if you’re actually awake or if you are dreaming. You start to doubt yourself… And then you get that feeling of impedning doom in your gut. Something is about to happen…

Is this the result of a weekend of hard partying?  Maybe it’s the withdrawal of being “offline” for the past several days? Being out of touch? Am I really addicted to the internet? Or has the floor simply dropped out on my manic roller-coaster?

I’ve got some potentially great mixes to get thru this week; I hope the music gets my feet back on the ground… Sure, music is traditionally an escape, but anyone with experience in mind-altering drugs or bouts of depression or fits or moods knows that music is also something that can bring someone back…

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