Keep Looking Forward

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January 20, 2011 by DJ Elroy

No, this isn’t Meet the Robinsons. But the message is similar. I’ve been talking to a handful of bedroom jocks that have been in a slump lately. Well, not so much a slump, they are still motivated, but maybe they’re just spinning their tires, not making any ground. And if they finally finish their debut project or get that first gig, then what?

Don’t stop moving; don’t rely on your past success to carry you into the future. The big question in the biz is what have you done for me lately? Sure, some artists can live in their back catalouge; the geriatric classic rockers are still touring.

But can DJs do the same thing?

Dance music is always moving forward. It’s about breaking the new tunes. Sure, we throw in some old gems for flavor, but the meat on the plate is your new music library.

But really, who has new tunes? It’s not like the old days when there were a limited number of promo pressings floating around. No, now everybody should be able to find anything if they know where to look. Sometimes music doesn’t get leaked, but it’s not often. And even if you can’t find it before the official release, the time between when a song breaks and when distrabution begins isn’t that long…

And so “new” music isn’t really “new” by the time we get it. But back to my point: keep moving forward! A DJ mix isn’t like recording an album; it shouldn’t take a year between releases. You’re playing other peoples’ music! Don’t spend so much time on a single mix that your music has been played out by the time you actually get around to finishing it.

This is for those new jocks that I’ve been hearing from. Listen up: Your mix will never be done. There will always be a loose transition, or there will be a new song you want to add in, or you’ll want to redo some effects. Or something. Sure, you can edit it a bit, but if you keep finding things to change you’ll never have a finished product.

Don’t be afraid to put your mix out. Then let it go. Move on to the next project. Consistancy is a big part of making it out of your bedroom. Weekly mixes (assuming they are good) will boost your fanbase… And without fans, you’re nothing.

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