Shifting Frequencies EP

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February 6, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Press Release:

SOWAT Music returns for a new beginning and a new location. The label, founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, has re-located to Istanbul making its mission a transatlantic endeavor. SOWAT is filled with ambition, looking to merge its desire to release from an eclectic, high quality pool of house music producers with an interest in visual arts and social activism. From its Istanbul base SOWAT continues to thrive and introduce top tunes to dancefloors worldwide.
It is fitting that SOWAT’s first release after their big move is with a producer who has also come to Istanbul after a stint based in the USA. Murad L. AKA The Craftsmen proudly presents the Shifting Frequencies EP, a title aptly signaling the change in locale and its effect on attitude and mindset. Murad L., who has previously released cuts for Odds And Ends, Casa Del Soul, and his own Starseed Recordings, presents two flavorful original tracks: “Future Control,” featuring a rolling bass line mixed with warm, funky synth melodies; and “Good Times,” a superb deep house excursion with tight rhythms and a lulling saxophone line.

The Shifting Frequencies EP contains remixes a’plenty, with versions by prolific producers Asad Rizvi and The Candy Dealers as well as a mix by a mysterious act named Predator. Reverberations main man Asad Rizvi provides two disparate versions of “Future Control” for maximum DJ exploitation. His Deep And Spacey Remix features loads of atmosphere amongst the beats, with whispery vocals and an attention grabbing marimba riff thrown in the floor-filling stew. Next, Asad’s Silverlining Club Remix notches the bass to eleven as rhythms and synth layers pile on. Argentina’s The Candy Dealers, comprised of Jay West and Christian Malloni, revisit “Good Times” in their identifiable style creating a sleek deep house cruiser suited for many late night rides. Pure dance floor bliss. Lastly, a producer of unknown identity, simply going by Predator, unleashes a mix of “Future Control” filled with a deep, driving after hours spirit. Chunky percussion follows lush pads and a persistent build over the course of this effective nightclub treatment.

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