53rd Annual Grammy Winners

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February 14, 2011 by DJ Elroy

It wasn’t about music. It never is. It was about popularity. Commercialism. What sells? Do people even tune in for the music? No! They want entertainment! Something to talk about… Outfits, movie stars, dancers, gimmicks… sure, music might be in there somewhere. But we’re not watching a show about music, we’re watching a show about pop culture.

I caught some highlights but didn’t spend much time on the show itself.

And the results?

Nothing too impressive, or too surprising.  Gaga, Eminem, Antebellum. Cee-Lo’s “F*ck you” was probaby my favorite. And how did Iron Maiden beat out Slayer and Lamb of God?!

But did you really expect any serious music to be given the spotlight when  the NARAS is calling the shots?

Dance music awards go to “Only Girl (In the World)” – Rihanna [best dance album], La RouxLa Roux [best electronic/dance album], and Revolver (David Guetta’s One Love Club Remix)David Guetta, remixer (Madonna) [best remixed album, non-classical]… just goes to show how slim the pickins are this year.  Wasn’t too impressed with any of the nominees, but when American Idol is the new standard, it’s not surprising… Congrats to the winners all the same.

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