GU001: Tony De Vit @ Tel Aviv

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February 21, 2011 by DJ Elroy

I’m always looking for the next big thing. Sometimes so much so that I forget where I’ve been. Recently I stepped back for a while and took stock of the music scene as a whole. What’s new? What’s hot? Who’s still around that I used to follow? Who is gone, and why? But these are all parts of a bigger picture: why has music taken the various directions it has over the years?

To gauge how the sounds and styles have evolved, I needed a consistent source. Somewhere to find music that was reflective of the time. I’ve been part of the underground scene for over 15 years, but a lot of my exposure was local. Big name jocks came thru town and I was always in line to see what they were playing. But until widespread use of the web there just wasn’t much available from the “outside” unless it came down the pipe as a mixtape.

And so I turned to the Global Underground series. To start, anyway. No, GU doesn’t go back to the beginning. But it is one of the longest running series out there, and the artists are chosen from the respected underground elite. The series may not cover everything, but it should give me a good musical timeline for the path it has followed…

The first of the world-renowned mix series, Global Underground 001, features Tony De Vit live @ Club Alenbi 58 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Remember this one?

Israel has always been a bit faster, a bit harder, than the rest of the world. Just look at the local acts there, or the bigger names that have launched from the area. Even today you’ll find a thriving hard-dance scene there while the rest of the world has moved on to more “sophisticated” sounds. Or dubstep.

The mix is straight out of the mid-1990s. And yes, it sounds like it. I can’t say I really miss this sound, but for the time and place, this is what clubbing was all about: It was about energy and it was about fun! And while this mix sounds outdated and maybe even cheesy by current standards, this is what the scene was 15 years ago! Kids didn’t care so much about image as they did about having a good time… nothing like today when the music doesn’t even matter to most people.

And it’s as much about the DJ as it is the music. De Vit was a longtime spinner, jockin’ since the mid-1970s. Favoring hard-dance and NRG at the end of his career, he could almost be considered a pioneer of the underground movement. Unfortunately, his HIV-related death in 1998 cut his influence short. Fortunately we have GU005 (De Vit’s second and final contribution to the Global Underground series) to cover in a few short weeks. RIP.

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