"Rock Prophecies"

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February 24, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Caught this on Netflix recently and loved it!

I’m not only a rocker at heart, I enjoy shooting music and shows on the side; I could relate to the excitement and frustration of live photography! The movie follows award-winning photog Robert M Knight and hits on his childhood, his early days, and current projects. He was there for Hendrix’s Woodstock show, he was shooting some of the biggest bands in history before they were famous, and he’s asking a new question: Can anyone recognize future rockstars before they break out?

With  in-depth segments on the Sick Puppies and Tyler Bryant and featuring legends like Slash, Santana, Steve Vai, and Jeff Beck, the film is a great balance between music, photography, and life.

The challenges of photography (and the rewards) are similar to DJing. It’s all about capturing the energy — and the feeling — of the room. Anyone with a camera can snap a picture. Anyone with a mixer or a computer can play other peoples’ music. But why can’t everyone be a superstar DJ, or a wold-famous photog? The basics are easy; mastery isn’t.

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