Murray Richardson & Strakes – Kahua#25

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February 27, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Murray Richardson & Strakes – Kahua Music Mix Podcast #25 – February 2011 by Kahua Music

Strakes Mix:
01: Tortured Soul – You Found A Way (Art of Tones Classic Vocal) (Lazy Days)
02: Giovanni Damico – Can Be Other (Giom Remix) (Home Audio)
03: RJ Fletcher – Organ Freeman (Deep Edition)
04: Phil Weeks – Still Doing It (Club Shit) (Robsoul)
05: Bleep District – Colours (Drop Music)
06: Do It Proper – The Ride (Joshua Iz Dub Ride) (Headtunes)

Murray Richardson Mix:
07: House Of Stank – Messages (Johnny Fiasco Remix) (Get Up)
08: Mic Newman – Live East Die Young (Fina)
09: Roland Nights – Yellow (Lost My Dog)
10: Bubba – Making Contact (Extended Play)
11: Chriss Ronson – Karvia (Creation)

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