Danny Tenaglia: RA Podcast #248

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March 9, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Danny Tenaglia: RA Podcast #248 [zippyshare]

Tenaglia is without a doubt one of the best live DJs I’ve seen. His mixing and technical skills aren’t as tight as most, but his energy is something that sets him apart. The crazy stunts he pulls from the booth, the slammin’ tech/house tracks, the hypnotic drums, the dark energy, that’s the vibe I love! Reminds me of a sweaty warehouse hidden in the heart of NYC at 2AM… Why can’t more jocks capture this vibe?

His mixes, however, leave a lot to be desired. I really dug a few of his Global Underground projects. But not all of them. And the last album I bought, “Futurism“, was a disappointment. I think I might be growing out of this sound. He seems to get too repetitive at times. And his Resident Advisor Podcast throws out a bit of both. Hot… and not.

It’s a chugging tech/house ride with dirty synths, sweet melodies, and drums, Drums, DRUMS! I’m diggin’ all the tracks, but the first half is just too bland for my ears. But the second half… The second half is right on target: The tracks are great, the vibe picks up (probably¬†because it’s not all instrumentals), and by the end I was hooked. DJ Danny T had me dancin’ to beat!

Oh, and happy birthday Danny!

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