Lee Burridge @ Beta Nightclub (03/12/11)

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March 13, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Digital Dance Log: 12 March 2011. Denver. The Rocky Mountains have been riding a tropical heat wave the past few weeks (after all, 60 degree days in Denver means shorts weather!) and winter is all but forgotten. At least for now. The days are nice, but the nights are still mild. But that didn’t stop the amatuers from kickin’ off their St Patty’s celebration early. Green shirts and clover-shaped accessories were spilling out of the doorways up and down Market St, and with enough alchohol you don’t much notice the cold anyway, right?

Nick Wolfe opened up the night with some minimal tech and built up into a bigger vibe… He’s had some driving sets in the past and he didn’t disappoint this time, but it was over all too soon…

Lee Burridge showed up for an extended 4 hour set. Armed with a mixer and a trio of Pioneer CDJs, Burridge was playin’ it old school. No laptops, no additonal hardware, just a book of shiny discs and the standard club gear.  When’s the last time you saw a DJ show up without all the bells and whistles?

And he made it work. Or more accurately, he worked it. He’s not just a “push play” kinda guy. Whether it’s tapping out a drum pattern on cue or teasing a loop or chopping up and remixing on the fly, this guy is skilled enough to make jaws drop but subtle enough to let it hubley roll by. If you weren’t ‘spotting, you wouldn’t know all the work that went into his show. The extended set gave Mr B a chance to breathe a bit, to take to club on a journey, and indeed he worked out of the opening minimal tech with some added percussion and simple beats and wound into some deep and melodic tech house with the seamless precision that’s made him a world favorite. Shots were downed, the floor filled in and the go-go dancers took their places. The vibe was ratched up with some chuggin’ beats and built and built and…

His set was nothing short of epic. It (almost) made me feel sorry that my friends in Miami had to miss this show. Nights like this renew my faith in the music. But they come all too far apart…

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