GU003: Nick Warren @ Prague

March 23, 2011 by DJ Elroy

“Hey Elroy, you did GU001 – Tony De Vit, what happened to GU002?”

So what did happen to the original GU002? Apparently it was logged in as a Tony De Vit T-Shirt as a follow up to his Global Underground mix. Sure, Oakey in NY was given the 002 spot when the series was re-numbered for US release, but let’s stick with the original release order (you’ll see Oakenfold NY in the 007 spot).

But now let’s dig Nick Warren’s initial GU offering. Disc 1 opens with a looong intro, and yes it takes almost 5 minutes to build into anything. But this is another live set (the last in the GU series). But imaging myself in a dark room somewhere in the Czech Republic with Nick Warren on the decks opening a set… I couldn’t imagine any other track to open the nite!

Onward and upward! The frantic 4/4 beats kick in with “Beachball” (which has been getting a ton of remixes lately) and I immediately realized how much faster the tempo was back in ’97.  A few more songs demonstrated a nice variety of progressive house, breaks, and even some acid and techy twists. Funny how “progressive” today sounds nothing like it used to. Maybe I’m jaded, but I prefer the older stuff.

Disc 2 opens with another ambient melody and swings into some proggy anthems. Club geezers like me will recognize a bunch of these tunes. But as s soon as I remembered Mr Warren had been DJing a decade prior to this mix, I didn’t feel quite as old.

Nick’s done seven more Global Underground mixes since 003; I can’t wait to wrap my ears around them! I know in later years his style has taken a more “Way Out West” direction, so we’ll track the evolution of his sound as we go…

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