Nick Warren Interview

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April 18, 2011 by DJ Elroy

“A great musician is always tweaking his craft, always looking for new ideas, taking chances. Now, with modern technologies, it’s a revolutionary era.”

-Bob Lefsetz

How can there be any winners when the rules of the game are constantly changing? When your competition bends conventional wisdom over the bar, when you realize it’s your fans that are really in control? The music, the marketing, the tools, everything is new, and now it’s available to everyone.

Any good DJ can give the people what they ask for, but it takes a true master to give the people something they didn’t even know they wanted. How can you grow from your roots, evolve, expand, and thrive without losing your fan base?

It’s simple, really: Adapt or die!

I caught a few free minutes with legendary DJ/Producer Nick Warren and got some insights on the future of progressive house, his new Balance mix, and more…

DJ Forums: Do you still call yourself a progressive DJ?

Nick Warren: Well mate, I’m not really into the labels, I’d prefer “dance” or “electronic” DJ myself… I don’t really care. But as far as it goes, and I know we need to be pigeonholed somehow, I suppose progressive would fit. To me, “progressive” means “forward thinking” and that’s what I’ve always tried to do with my music.

DJF: Is the old, original “progressive” sound coming back or it this latest incarnation simply the dying breath of a genre whose time has passed?

NW: If you search “progressive” on Beatport you’ll come up with a wide variety of things, not all of which are what we’re used to…

DJF: Like Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia and others ofttimes falling into that category?

NW: Exactly. And there is a lot of cheesy trance-like stuff tossed in. So the “old” sound has changed. Today it’s deeper, without the big breakdowns. You’ve still got the warm, moving basslines and of course the melody. But it’s melding a bit with techno, and the lines between the genres [progressive and house and techno] are being blurred, with something new coming out. Traditional tech labels like Kompakt and Cocoon seem to be more along the lines of what our sound has become than a lot of the so-called progressive music nowadays.


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