Digital Dance Log 26 April 2011

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April 26, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Digital Dance Log 26 April 2011. Denver, Colorado. Dayjob. Cube by the window. I’ve finally cast off the cloud of depression that seems to be the forecast for most Mondays. But wait, it’s Tuesday already…

Maybe it’s because a dude at the office wore an ugly rust-colored sweater that remined me of dirty shag carpet. The worst part was it too long, and hung down almost mid-thigh. Like a mini-dress or something. On a dude. Wow.

Or maybe it’s because I’m listening to Paolo Mojo’sOoshcast“. It’s the best yet (gonna post it tomorrow, stay tuned). Really diggin’ the tracks on this one. Denver needs to book this DJ!

Or it could be the fact that I’ve got less than an hour in the salt mines before a nice bike ride and Old Chicago for dinner.

Probably a combination of all three.

Whatever the reason, I’m back, I’m hungrey, and I’m ready for the weekend!

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