DJ Elroy: From The Vaults (Round 2)

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May 3, 2011 by DJ Elroy

DJ Elroy – Round 1 Mix (Nu-NRG) [zippyshare download]

DJ Elroy – Round 2 Mix (hard beats) [zippyshare download]

The Digital Dancefloor
Episode: 013
Posted: 04/08/11
DeeJay: Elroy
Style: Hard Dance

Going back to the old skool with this mix; it’s one I did about 10 years ago for a DJ competition. This is the Round 2 mix (Round 1 was a qualifying short mix under 20 minutes). This mix is 2 turntables and vinyl (remember that stuff!?) and believe it or not I used to be a maniac with the cutting, effects, beat juggles, etc. So check it out and let me know what you think!

Sorry, can’t find the playlist for this one… But I’ll keep looking! Hoping to find Round 3 and 4 and will post them up. And no, I didn’t win. I was the runner up.

Remember we’re always down to hear your original tracks, mashups, and remixes. If they fit the format they’ll get play! Email me at and let’s hear what you’ve got!

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