TrockenSaft: Magnetic Tape V3

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May 12, 2011 by DJ Elroy

TrockenSaft – Magnetic Tape vol 3 FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: by Trockensaft

TrockenSaft: Magnetic Tape V3 [website direct download]

01: Frivolous – Cryin’ [Cadenza Records]
02: Bongobanda – Flute Mode [KDB Records]
03: Warma – Melodrama [KDB Records]
04: Oscar – Kettenkaru [Beatwax Records]
05: Smash Tv – Baby Got Me Open [Get Physical Music]
06: Fabiano Bion – Ottanta [Mulo Records]
07: Maya Jane Coles – Play The Game [Mobilee]
08: Frivolous – Back Into The Deep [Cadenza Records]
09: Jamie Anderson, Deepgroove – Psycho (Miro Pajic Remix) [Harthouse]
10: Jori Hulkkonen – Strengths (Original Mix) [Turbo]
11: Feydh Rotan – Arana [Electrogravity]
12: Ilario Alicante – Balance [Coccon Recordings]

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