Roger Sanchez: Space Mix (Ibiza 2011)

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May 23, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Roger Sanchez – Space Mix (Ibiza 2011) by Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez: Space Mix (Ibiza 2011)

Hmmm. Still on the fence with this one. Maybe it’s the fact that I get a new Sanchez mix every week, and while the songs change, the set doesn’t do much different from week to week. It’s good energy, but is it inspirational? Not really. Come on bro, I’m expecting more from you. And Blactron’s track? Trash. Hope and change? Please. How well has that worked? I hate it when musicians use the stage to preach politics. But when you’re lving in Ibiza half the year, it’s kinda hard to keep your feet on the ground and see how the working man lives.

01: Richard Dinsdale – DJ You’ve Got My Love
02: Carlo Lio – Coppa
03: David Herrero – Vibern
04: Noferini – My Forbidden Game
05: Muzzaik & Dave Martin – Trompdutch
06: Blacktron – The_President (Greenlips Remix)
07: MYNC feat. Alex Peace – House Nation Anthem
08: Roger Sanchez – Worldwide (Santos’ American Spirit Remix)
09: CamelPhat – Falcon Punch
10: Prok n Fitch vs EBTG-The Missing Tribe-Sman’s Mashup

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