Balance 019: Henry Saiz

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June 20, 2011 by DJ Elroy

One thing I can say for the Balance music compilation series: each is consistantly different from what came before. Some artists or labels find a formula that works and then play the same cookie-cutter mixes until the sound has been cashed.

Not Balance.

But new isn’t always better. For me the series has become hit or miss. Desyn Masiello and Paolo Mojo were huge winners. Some others I haven’t enjoyed quite as much. Regardless, as a rule “try and fail” is better than “play it safe”.

Henry Saiz – the newest featured musical maestro – knocks this one out of the park!

His mix is unique in that it’s all previously unreleased material. Not only that, he’s got several original productions and reworks (including under his new moniker ‘Hal Incandenza‘) and he chops, dices, and layers his way into something that is so much more than a compilation. Take that, Sham-wow Vince!

Disc 1 opens with a sampled montage of thought and sound and rolls into some relaxed atmospheric melodies. The mix continues with some amazing tracks — the quirky 303-esque “King of the Invisible Land” and “Mystical Tree” or the melodic groove tech-er “Little Mountain“. Later we roll into the haunting siren-song “Onice“, and “Lady in the Mirror” is a chill melodic rework of the Saiz classic. On to the acid-trance flashback of “Eterno Retorno“. On the surface it’s a seemingly random collection of thoughts tied together by a few common threads, but underneath is an intuitive and natural flow.

Disc 2 balances the more intimate artist album approach on the flipside with a  steady, club-oriented sound. Highlights for me include the atmospheric “Caminado Sobre la Superficie del Sol” and airy tech-squeaker “Tango Hej Da“. Also dug the the deep and driving “Gloom“, the symphonic bittersweet “Trip of the Dolphin“, and the uplifting chiming of “Radiance“.

I could drop something about each of the 30+ tracks on the album, but I’ll be concise: they are all Unique and Fresh.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was a journey well worth taking. It was more than music, it was a look inside Henry Saiz. It was bottled emotion… It was amazing!

Update: Now available on Beatport!

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