DJ Mag 2011 Top 100 : My Picks (Part1)

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July 29, 2011 by DJ Elroy


Top 10from the 2010 DJ Mag Poll:

1. Armin van Buuren (non-mover)

2. David Guetta (up 1)

3. Tiesto (down 1)

4. deadmau5 (up 2)

5. Above & Beyond (down 1)

6. Paul van Dyk (down 1)

7. Gareth Emery (up 2)

8. Markus Schulz (non-mover)

9. Ferry Corsten (down 2)

10. Axwell (up 4)

No big surprises. In fact, I’m sure this year’s Top 10 will look much the same. Maybe add a dubstep name to the list.

My picks? Still thinking about this one… My picks were pretty easy last year


1. Paolo Mojo

2. Hernan Cattaneo

3. Christian Smith

4. Roger Sanchez

5. DJ Steve Porter

But this year?

DJ Steve Porter had a great live show, but he seems to be spending most (or all) of his time doing video remixes now. And Roger Sanchez sounds the exact same as he did a year ago. His stuff is all starting to run together; not enough variety. Paolo Mojo is still going strong with his Ooshcast series, but I haven’t really been super inspired by his production work anymore. Christian Smith is still a contender for me, but again, I haven’t heard much from him aside from a few tweets and some live mixes.

Hernan has been been on top of the game (as always). Great productions and his new podcast is solid. He’s probably gonna be one of my picks again.

Darin Epsilon will get added this year. He’s got a strong, consistent web show and great productions.

That leaves 3 spots. Guess I just haven’t been really impressed with anyone the past year.

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