DJ Mag 2011 Top 100 : My Picks (Part2)

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September 18, 2011 by DJ Elroy


My 2010 Picks. I still respect all of the artists I picked last year, but this vote is about what you’ve done for me lately. So who’s gonna make it again this year?

1) Paolo Mojo

As much as I love his Ooshcast, I just haven’t seem enough from Paolo this year. He’s been busy touring (not here, though) and producing and managing his Oosh label… but I haven’t been overly-impressed with his new work and even his mixes have gotten a bit dull. Still one of my favorite artists to be sure, but there are some new names on my list this year.

2) Hernan Cattaneo

Still going strong in 2011. And still getting a vote. I’ve only seen a few free mixes this year, but they have all been amazing. And his productions? Breathtaking!

3) Christian Smith

Another repeat nominee. Like with Hernan, I’ve only come across a few mixes this year, but they’ve all been top quality. And the studio work has been stellar.

4) Roger Sanchez

Still one of my favorite live DJs, but not fresh enough to get a vote from me. All his mixes and his productions have started to sound the same to me. I still love and respect the man, but you need to keep your sound moving forward. I know what you have works, but be dangerous. Speaking of which, check out the live DJsounds vid mix I just posted. The S-Man is crazy, but unfortunately I saw the mix after I voted.

5) DJ Steve Porter

Steve’s spent too much time on video remixes. That’s not to say he doesn’t DJ anymore. In fact, he did a killer show in Denver a while back. But I don’t see the mixes posted online, or the new tracks. And the social media is all about the video projects. Porterhouse will always be one of my favorites, but unfortunately won’t be getting the vote this year.

So who else is going to get my vote this year?

1) Darin Epsilon

Probably my biggest surprise this year. I’ve been following his Perspectives webshow for a while, but I had a chance to talk with Darin and really got to know him. Good ol’ progressive house and melodic tech is getting buried by electro and dubstep, so it’s great to know there are people keeping the music alive.

2) Sander Kleinenberg

I’ve always liked Sander; he’s constantly evolving, changing, and experimenting. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does it’s second to none.

3) Hernan Cattaneo

Repeat from 2010!

4) Chocolate Puma

I’ve heard a few good mixes from them and some amazing house tunes. These guys are top artists in the game, and when it comes to social media and fan interaction they’re with it.

5) Christian Smith

Another repeat vote!

Check out the winners on the DJ Mag 2010 Popularity Poll. How different will this year be? More dubstep, I’m sure. More dance/pop crossover acts. But any big surprises?

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