Free MP3: Elektrons 'Get Up' (greg wilson special mix)

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September 18, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Elektrons ‘Get Up’ (greg wilson special mix) by gregwilson

Elektrons ‘Get Up’ (greg wilson special mix) 

In March 2007 I received an email from Justin Crawford (aka Justin Unabomber), who, along with DJ partner Luke Cowdrey (aka Luke Unabomber), was busy putting the finishing touches to their Elektrons album ‘Red Light, Don’t Stop’, which would be issued later that year via Wall Of Sound / PIAS. Justin told me about an idea he had for me to put together a DJ only ‘party mash up’ of ‘Get Up’, the first single from the album.

I was more than happy to take it on – as you’re no doubt aware, I have massive respect for the Unabombers and their seminal Electric Chair parties at the Music Box in Manchester, which can be counted amongst the most influential British club nights of the last twenty years. The monthly events finally came to an end in January 2008, having originally kicked off in 1995, and I was fortunate enough to make a number of memorable Chair appearances at the Music Box, as well as other related gatherings both in Manchester and London, following my debut there in February 2005.

I got all the parts sent over and set about rebuilding the track, retaining some sections of vocal and speeding it up from around 100bpm to 110bpm, which sat better for my purposes. With carte blanche to sample whatever I liked, given that this wouldn’t be made commercially available, I had what might be called a field day. Listen closely (or not so closely) and you’ll hear a whole host of sources, including Marvin Gaye, Ladies Choice, Led Zepplin, James Brown, Missy Elliot, Chic, Public Enemy, Symarip, Michael Jackson, Brass Construction, Madness, The Doors and Ednah Holt; even Shrek got in on the act. I’d also switch from the original backing during the mid-section of the mix, dropping into the groove of the great mid-70’s Funk favourite, ‘Hollywood Swinging’ by Kool & The Gang, a change which generally provokes a noticeable surge of energy from the dancefloor.

It was a really buzzy thing to work on. I can certainly hear the playfulness in there as I trade the samples off against each other, vibing on the groove and creating tension. I suppose I approached it as a mini-epic, if that makes sense, with a few familiar faces popping up along the way to join the fun.

Greg Wilson – September 2011

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