LetKolben: Honestly Lie

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September 19, 2011 by DJ Elroy

LetKolben – Honestly lie by LetKolben

LetKolben: Honestly Lie

Dark tech-house mix with flashes of inspiration wrapped in a warm melanhcholy vibe. Pots, pans, and percussion carry this thing. No big surprises, but it’s a solid mix. Great soundtrack for a Monday at the office.


01: Davide Squillace – On the road
02: Cezar Lazar – Tulbara
03: Seph – Esmeraldas (feat. Qik And Dilo)
04: Raudive – Is it dark in here
05: Mathias Kaden – Moron
06: Seph – Runas (feat. Pablo Denegri)
07: Mekas & Pablo Denegri – Chakal Album (Seph Reconstruction Mix)
08: Tolga Fidan – All Pleasure Is Relief
09: Ekkohaus – Amoeba
10: Seph – Cerezas
11: Glimpse – For Fleur (Johnny D Remix)
12: Frivolous – One Final Solstice
13: Jobims Cousin – La revancha del bossa
14: MRI – Driven By You (Album Version)
15: Onur Ozer – Vakant Limited 1
16: Sebastien Bouchet – Imbalance
17: Dario Zenker – While rain gets air

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