DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks – "Bubba Beats & Kid Piston"

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October 12, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Artist: DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks pres.
Title: Bubba Beats & Kid Piston
Label: Robsoul Recordings (France)
Style: House
Release Date: 18th November 2011

DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks pres. Bubba Beats & Kid Piston (Robsoul, ROBSOUL102) (Clips) by Kahua Music

Two of house music’s biggest hitters – DJ Sneak and Phil Weeks – get together for a highly anticipated three-track collaboration. Under the alias of Bubba Beats and Kid Piston (we’ll let you decide which is which!) the 102nd release on Robsoul has a distinct acid theme as the two masters take things back to basics, working it out on original hardware.

As the title’s suggest, ‘Breakdown Acid’ and ‘Acid Disko’ bring acidic 303 flavours to complement the typical punishing beats and jacking grooves that Sneak and Phil are so well known for. ‘Class In Session’ treads a lighter, funkier path but the hypnotic and devastating end result proves just as effective.

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