Deetron – “Balance 020″ (OUT TODAY!)

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November 8, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Deetron – Balance 020 CD1 (Preview edit) by BalanceSeries

Out Now!

This mix is simply amazing… stay tuned for review!

Electronic music and DJ culture lie at a crossroads at this moment in time. In one direction, the vinyl purists and fetishists, clinging onto the black gold that begat the entire art and culture of mixing. In the other, the technophiles who value convenience, speed and the infinite possibilities that digital mixing offers. But who said you had to pick a side?

Ever innovative and creative, Swiss melodic techno bastion Deetron has chosen to embrace both the past and present of mixing disciplines on Balance 20, showing that the two can indeed live together in harmony – or even synergy – and underlining the qualities and nuances of each school of thought. Bringing his wealth of experience that has seen him release on labels from Music Man to Green to Rejected to Circus Company to Versatile, he has created something truly inspirational.

“I chose to use both digital and analogue formats since I’m using both when I’m playing out” he explains. “This compilation is a celebration of the gorgeous format that is vinyl and a praise for the endless possibilities the digital world has to offer.” To that end, Disc 1 was mixed digitally, with additional production and editing in Cubase and Wavelab, and Disc 2 was recorded with three turntables and an Allen & Heath mixer – and some very special dubplates. The track selection and structure of each of these two sublime mixes lovingly and carefully reflects that inherent choice of medium, while at all times reminding the listener why his highly accessible, humanistic sound is so widely cherished and embraced

Check out the full press release HERE ~

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