A Fatboy is not just for Xmas! [MiX]

December 25, 2011 by DJ Elroy

Along with everything else we’ve been bringing you over the past few days, House Heads Anonymous is proud to support another pioneer in electronic dance music with a new mix just in time for Xmas. If the Fat Man missed you, the Fatboy won’t! Thanks to Norman Cook for another fun trip into music.

Apologies to those of you in the northern hemisphere, this mixtape is kinda aimed at our friends down south where the summer is in full swing. Big up Brazil, big up Peru, Hold tight Australia here we come with some summer bouncy beats (alright, I did go a bit acid at the end….) For those of us still wrapped up in winter maybe this will warm you up and cheer you through Xmas and into the new year…

-Fatboy Slim

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