Hector Valdez – Experience Radio Show #69 & #70 – Best of 2011 [MiX]

December 29, 2011 by DJ Elroy

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Experience radio show ep 69 hector valdes best of 2011 by experienceradioshow

Hector Valdez – Experience Radio Show #69 – Best of 2011

Sometimes Experience Radio run a little too close to “mainstream” dance music to be a really fresh program, and #69 is one of those. I know, it’s the holidays, everyone wants to make thier “best of” mix with all the popular tracks, so I’m willing to take this in stride. After all, Episode #70 (or download) is right back with the rockin’ House Heads Anonymous groove, pure driving house music with an almost tribal drum attack vibe. Summer fun is year-round with Hector Valdez!

  Experience radio show ep 70 hector valdes by experienceradioshow


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