Terry Mullan – Stereo Damage #22 GuestMix

January 4, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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DJ Dan Presents Stereo Damage – Episode 22 (Terry Mullan Guest Mix) by djdanmusic

Terry Mullan – Stereo Damage #22 GuestMix

One of my favorite DJs — Terry Mullan — is up with an all new house music mix for DJ Dan’s Stereo Damage podcast. Terry used to be a regular here in Denver during the “rave” days about 12 years ago, but I haven’t seen or heard many mixes from him since… and it’s a shame. Just listen to this set and see what we’re all missing out on. That said, I’m lookin’ forward to getting funked up with the new label. Ok, ok,  just because he’s a favorite I’m going to host a Flashback Fridays mix by Mr Mullan, so stay tuned 🙂 But for God’s sake Terry, it’s fucking 2012. Get a web presence! Mix: 5/5 Strong!


01. Sonny Fodera – Got Love
02. Black Dynamite – Takeshi
03. Alec Carlsson – Paris Fried Chicken (J Paul Getto remix)
04. Azealia Banks – 212
05. Giano – Disco Dancer (Real Time Hand Motion Remix)
06. Wasabi Vogue – No Mother (Vocal Mix)
07. Jay Vegas – Just You
08. Funk In A Can – Left Sock, Right Hook
09. Filthy – Feelin’ The Pain
10. Vince Watson – Sequential (Paul Woolford Remix)
11. James Dexter – Disco Sax (Sonny Fodera Remix)
12. Jamie Jones – Summertime Featuring Ost & Kjex (Jones & James Dub Mix)
13. 1200 Warriors – Jazzo (2011 1200 Remix)
14. Cause And Affect – Pushy Pushy
15. TommyBoy – Duguljel (Tasty Cookies Remix)
16. Disco Boots – For Your Love (Dirty Freek Remix)
17. Dan Warby – Home Been Funked
18. Dom Martin – Weapon


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