5 & Dime Recordings – "43 Degrees and Cloudy"

January 25, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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  5 and Dime Recordings – 43 Degrees and Cloudy by 5 and Dime Recordings

Available NOW on Beatport!

Elroy Says: “Phase II” is the must-have cut off this one. It’s everything house music should be.

We’re pleased to announce the forthcoming release of our 3rd EP, 43 Degrees and Cloudy, which will debut on Beatport on January 18th, 2012. Building on the deep techy vibe that defined 5D002, 43 Degrees and Cloudy features three original tracks from Zach DeVincent, 5 and Dime newcomer Tony Rodelli, as well as label regular F Stop.

Track one on 5D003, DeVincent’s “Phase II” (Original Mix), once again features the richly layered sublime production and deep, spacey elements we saw in his last release on 5 and Dime. “Phase II” is a dance floor oriented chugger that masterfully blends the best elements of Zach’s deep house sound with a techy bassline and a groove that’s as hypnotic as it is anything else. Fans of Deep Tech House will not be disappointed with this one!

The second track on 43 Degrees and Cloudy, Tony Rodelli’s “The Way We Go” (Original Mix) has all the staple ingredients of some of Tony’s best work on other labels (Manchester United Music, Phrunky, and Drizzle Music to name just a few), such as a deep and soulful feel which is accented by the background keys throughout. Top class pacing, wispy background effects and vocals, as well as a deeply addictive groove make “The Way We Go” both a stellar track as well as a solid label debut. Already being played out by DJs such as Mark Farina (on his recent Muppets 21 podcast), we’re thrilled to welcome Tony to the 5 and Dime Recordings family.

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