FAC Radio 016 – Faciendo Tribe mix

February 27, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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FAC-RAD-016 (Faciendo Tribe mix) [LATEST MIX] by FACIENDO Community

FAC-RAD-016 (Faciendo Tribe mix)

This week we bring you a TRIBE mix. There are over a dozen faciendo tribesmen and women around the world who work towards every episode together. There is only so much music we can fit into 1hr, so not every member’s discoveries can fit in each episode, but this week seven different members of the community have their musical finds featured. This editions journey was led by faciendo elder Dory who worked with all the faciendo community and represents a vision of the whole tribe. She is a super talent as you will hear, but also every tribe member in faciendo is as important as the next, as without just one of their musical contributions to this weeks tribe mix, the mix would not have come together like it did. As a musical tribe we all depend on each other equally to be able to deliver to you these bi-weekly musical trips.

So a big shout out from Faciendo to all the tribespeople & contributors who make the journey possible each episode, and this week in particular thanks to Dory, balErik, Tom Morgan, Klaus (DJ Quaterman), Vadim, Stuart Johnson & Desyn, who’s musical discoveries you will hear in this weeks soundtrack.

Elroy says: It’s been a while since a mix has made me drop what I was doing and look for a playlist. But this one did a few times. The tracks are simply amazing (especially enjoyed the one near 24m and the few that followed). The Faciendo Tribe is all about uniqueness and quality, and FAC Radio mix 016 is no exception! House Heads Anonymous rating: 5/5

Stuart Johnston
Kla Us

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