Reckless with Hexadecimal & Funk N’ SloCuts Guest Mix

March 5, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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Reckless with Hexadecimal & Funk N’ SloCuts Guest Mix

A new week brings a few new faces to the Digital Dancefloor. Strap in for the ride, because Mondays are always a little rough. But with music like this, they are bearable. Sometimes. You know I call it like I see it, and here it is: TOO MANY SAMPLES & FX. It sounded like an FM radio set more than a proper DJ mix. I liked some of the songs, but I just couldn’t get into it. A co-worked asked me to turn it down. And I didn’t argue.

Featuring a bit of everything today: House, electro, breaks, d&b, and more! You can stream from soundcloud here:


Hexadecimal DJ Mix 1 – Electro / Breaks

01 Jayou – Ghost (Run Riot Remix)
02 Chemical Brothers – Swoom Anthem Miles Dyson – Elite Force
03 Sasha Khan – Global Meltdown (Original Mix)
04 Bit Twisted – C’mon (House Engineers Remix)
05 Hexadecimal – Grow / Change (Original Mix)
06 DJ Mujava – Mugwanti (Rehab Remix)
07 Bart B More – Brap (Original Mix)
08 Raw 2 Da Floor (Original Mix)
09 Mister Ouzo (Disco Fries Remix)
10 Thomas Bangalter – Mord Fustang – Elite Force – Lick The Scratch
11 Do it in The AM (Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix)
12 The Damn Bells Doors – Ability (Original Mix)
13 Knife Party – Tourniquet (Original Mix)
14 Torqux – Burning Up (Twist Vs Elite Force Mix)
15 Access Denied – Red (Original Mix)
16 Resurection (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)

Funk N’ SloCuts Guest Mix

17 – 25 – Sorry mix track listing not available

Hexadecimal DJ Mix 2 – Drum & Bass

26 Jazz Steppaz – Wipe Out (Original Mix)
27 Drumattic Twins – Meeting Point (Utah Saints Remix)
28 Soul Intent – Send The Word (Original Mix)
29 Bombs Away – Super Soaker (Smile On Impact Mix)
30 Sara Cruz – Every Song (Crystal Clear Remix)
31 L.A.O.S – Warrin (Original Mix)
32 Minuit – Aotearoa (Hexadecimal Remix)
33 Flight of the Conchords – Too Many Dicks (Hexadecimal Mix)


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