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June 28, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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I’ve been listening for so long I don’t remember where I first heard your mixes, but I do remember I loved the passion and the tracks! Tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re all about:

Well I’m only a DJ right now with no immediate plans to get into production. I love all styles of house music and some old-skool stuff. I’ve been around a while. The show that really hooked me was Carl Cox at a rave in 1990… I remember how amazing it was watching one man on three decks creating such a charged atmosphere. It was electric! He’s still the big daddy after all these years. I’m originally from the UK but re-located to Ireland in ’99 so I get my influences from all over.

You’re one of the first DJ-only guys I’ve talked to in a while. Do you see production in your future? Do you think it’s essential to getting into the big league?

For me personally it’s not something I want to do right now. I have no interest sitting in front of Abelton or whatever for hours tweaking loops and samples. Recently I’ve recorded a few mashups and bootlegs (check out my Super Doom Style Nightmare bootleg!) but they stem from jamming on the decks, you know? If something comes off then I’ll go back and tighten it up and record it. That’s what I love about using timecode vinyl, I can add loops and filters live on the fly as I’m mixing. Some DJs call themselves producers without releasing any material — maybe they just want to keep in the loop with the successful producers!

Gerzinio Super doom style nightmare [bootleg] by gerzinio

So what DJ setup are you running with right now?

I started with vinyl back around 1992 and have been trying to keep it old-skool ever since. About two years ago I did finally updated my kit; now I’m on the timecode vinyl but for me it’s still all about the party vibe. No “sync” buttons!

Has the upgrade in gear changed your style?

The modern equipment has allowed me to do more all around. The timecoded vinyl gives it a more “real” sound than a straight laptop mix, and things like midi controllesr allow me to work with samples and loops.  Aside from the technical stuff, it still comes down to knowing my tunes, same as always.

Describe your sound:

I like to stick with dark sounds, and try to build the mix and lead the listener without being too obvious in my tune selection. A cheeky bootleg at the right time can add flavor. At live shows I like to enjoy the crowd enjoying my music. The energy is contagious and a good DJ knows how to have fun along with the dancefloor. Bopizm!


“Boppers” is a term Felix da Housecat calls his fans, and through different social media we connected and got together with some dedicated followers at promoting a lot of artists and featuring the Big Bopper Felix’s sets like Felix Cartel, Tiga, and Feezy. He also drops his mixtapes there; a real big one is “The Last Train to Paris” featuring P.Diddy. I was lucky enough to mix a podcast for the site, as well as some other well-known artists in the scene.

I suppose “Bopizm” is an open attitude to different music styles, going right back to the early days of house/techno/electro — no cheese or top 40! It’s all about being up for the party where ever it may be! Check out Felix’s recent mixes on Soundcloud; he cuts in on the mic and gives the set some extra love spreading the truth juice moments with a loaded bopgun!

Gerzinio PurpleHaze Sessionz july 12 by Gerzinio on Mixcloud

Do you think the dance music “scene” is getting better or worse?

It’s brilliant right now; everything and everyone are so accessible via the web, you know? DJs, producers, clubbers, fans, promoters… they’re all there. The community is really growing and getting stronger.

Totally agree! The internet has done amazing things for music. Where do you hang out online?

I’m big on the social networks, but my favorite places to play are Radio4by4 – it’s the biggest web-based station on the net. Also like the RA Forums and of course BopperNation.

Here are some great house sites I find amazing sets on (and occasionally guestmix for):, and

And do you have any goals as an artist?

I haven’t set myself any goals for a career or anything. I just play for the moment and enjoy the music. Each new song and mix is about discovery, isn’t that enough?

What do you do when you’re not in the mix?

My whole life is about the music. If I’m not mixin’ I’m diggin’ for the next song or listening to see what others are doing. I’m just a humble bopper who loves to share the vibe of house music.

Any final words?

Always think twice. That’s my only advice, and it applies to DJing, music, and life. And I want to give a big shout out to DJ Sneak for holdin’ it down for the REAL house heads out there!

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