Loco Dice – Toxic EP [review]

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November 11, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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I’ve seen a lot of Loco Dice the past few weeks on the on the CNTRL: Beyond EDM tour; he seems to have had an almost non-stop year with his various shows around the globe. That’s why I was surprised to hear he had some new original material coming out; after asking around I finally get my paws on his new “Toxic” release (available 12 Nov) and it’s just what I expected!

Auxotox is a pretty straightforward tech-house tune. The hypnotic beat gets down and dirty with the bassline and a few vocal shots and some spooky synths add flavor, but for me the track is tied together by the subtle (yet essential) tribal vibe. You know, jungle drums and layered percussion. Perfect for a dark and sweaty dancefloor!

Detox is a more chugging tech-house cut, but at first blush doesn’t seem quite as dynamic as the others on the EP. The song builds itself up as layers are added and finally breaks free with some quick vocal samples and sax toots.

Neurotox is my favorite with it’s heavy kicks and deep, rolling bassline. It’s got more of a techno feel than the rest, but that tribal sound is still what carries the track.

Retox comes in a close second with its more stripped-down deep minimal approach. It’s got various voices sprinkled throughout and layered with robotic blips and bleeps, some nice accoustic guitar runs, and some dark synths.

Overall there’s enough diversity here to go in a few different directions, but nothing so wild at to lose its way in a mix. Fans and the seedier scene (read: the underground) will enjoy it, but the big room crowd may need something with more of a frat-party flavor.

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