Top 5 Podcasts


November 16, 2012 by DJ Elroy

Been listening to a lot of new music lately, but I seem to keep going back to the same places when I need a guaranteed good mix. Here are my Top 5 podcast/webshows for dance music. They’re all house, progressive, tech, deep, etc. I’ve posted the Soundcloud pages because most of them have all the social media spots as well as the itunes links:

1) Perspectives feat Darin Epsilon

My favorite DJ shares plenty of webshows along with live mixes and more on this killer progressive tech & house podcast. This is what it’s all about!

2) Release Yourself feat Roger Sanchez

The S-Man rockin’ the House Nation. What more needs to be said? Sanchez usually opens the show and follows up with a slammin’ guest mix.

3) Stereo Damage feat DJ Dan

America’s pioneer of funky house music. Dan is one of the few DJs I’d consider better now than he was back in the day. Tune in and find out why. Mixes by Dan himself and guests. 

4) Electronic Groove w/various artists

Recently found this one and have loved every episode I’ve heard so far. Great mix of genres and artists to pick from.

3) 5 & Dime Recordings Podcast w/various artists

A newcomer but one of my must-gets nonetheless, the 5&D webshow has some great deep & underground house music mixes.

Other favorites include Nick Morrison’s “Tales of a House Addict”, Jaytech’s Podcast, Faciendo Radio, TheLuckyOne’s “Diary of Musical Thoughts”Oscar G, Adam Kent, DJ Bryan Jones, and I follow DJ Greg Wilson’s page because he shares some unique killer retro stuff.

One thought on “Top 5 Podcasts

  1. Rob says:

    Electronic Groove is the best podcast so far

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