Grinds My Gears: Vocal Clashes

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December 3, 2012 by DJ Elroy

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After listening to a few mixes this weekend I’ve noticed a disturbing trend:


You know, one song is saying one thing and the DJ brings in the second song that says another and pretty soon your ears don’t know what’s what and everything is jumbled like a train wreck and…

Just don’t do it.

This is How to DJ 101 stuff. But when you have gear that does all the work for you, who has time to learn the basics?

It’s like when you’re in class and everyone is talking at once. You can hear the voices but you can’t make sense of what’s being said. Everybody may all have good ideas, but unless each gets it’s own time to shine it won’t be appreciated.

Just like your music.

As the DJ, YOU are in control of when the record drops in and when it cuts out. How hard is it to wait for the vocals on one song to stop before you bring in the vocals of the next? DON’T let the vox from one track “talk” over the vox from another. If you keep this in mind (and of course make sure your tracks are locked and phrase-matched) your mixes will sound infinitely better.

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