Elroy’s Picks of the Month – January 2013

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January 27, 2013 by DJ Elroy

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I know, I know, it’s been a few months since I posted up my last Beatport Top 10. But I’ve been so busy moving the site from my old server to this one. Downsizing, if you will. Plus there were the holidays, and I had some issues with the car, and…

No matter. I’m back again with 10 tracks that I’ve really been enjoying. Some more deep house/progressive/tech stuff that I don’t see getting a lot of attention from the “superstars”. Check these out!


  • “Nightlaw” – Paolo Mojo [Azuli]
  • “Deep Water” – JBam [Remedy Records]
  • “Kala Luna” – Kryss Hypnowave [Baroque Digital]
  • “Wilderness Soul” – Abity [Music Maestro]
  • “Redwolf” (Orig & Stubbs RMX) – Filth & Splendour [Baroque]
  • “B.B.C.” Da Smoking Frogz [Babylon]
  • “Back to Basics” (Dubspeekas Red Sky Mix) [Hope Recordings]
  • “Saturday Night Live” – Swamp Factory [Aurium Recordings]
  • “Metamorph” (DeepFunk’s Main Mix) – Darin Epsilon & Tom Slea [Spring Tube Limited]
  • “Tech it to the Garage” (Gareth Whitehead RMX) – Howard Sessions [Sex Panda White]

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