Elroy’s Picks of the Month – Feb/March

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March 30, 2013 by DJ Elroy

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Finally made it out of the big winter freeze and woke up with some nice springtime tunes! Well, Miami 2013 was interesting this year, but I didn’t seem to hear as much from the ‘underground’ side as I would have liked. Is American electronic dance music being overshadowed by the commercial success of EDM-pop? Let’s hope not.

Here are 10 strong tracks I’m really enjoying at the moment. Sample & Support!


  • “Shake the Vibes” (Original Mix) – Jay Storic [Baroque Records] 
  • “The Jam” (Original Mix) – Jobe [Sleazy Deep] 
  • “Interstella” (Original Mix) – Clark Morrison [Big Mama’s House Records]
  • “I See Lights” (Karmon Remix) – Jimmy & Fred [Exploited]
  • “Kashmir” (Original Mix) – The Soul Elephant [Aurium Recordings]
  • “Something” (King Unique Remix) – Luke Chable, LOKII [Mesmeric]
  • “Pulse (Original Mix)” D-Eye [Perspectives Digital]
  • “Evolving Aspirations” (Rodrigo Deem Remix) – Konektiv [Molecule Recordings]
  • “Unexplored Universe” (Original Mix) – Techno Phobia [Method]
  • “Cinderella” (Original Mix) – Saten [Electrofly]


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