Dewey Decibel System Episode 001 [mix]

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April 15, 2013 by DJ Elroy

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The Dewey Decibel System is an eclectic collection of cuts you may have missed mixed in with a few promos I’ve picked up along the way. There’s so much older music sitting in my catalogue waiting to get in the rotation I decided it would be a shame to neglect it longer. This is a look back over the stuff I’ve been collecting the past several years in all sorts of house and breaks sounds – deep, funky, progressive, tech, and more.
Sit back and enjoy!

01: Costa Rica (T. Trash & Viente Belenguer Mix) – Electroheadz
02: Grey Sky & Yellow Coconuts (Orig) – Sebastien Leger
03: Bside (Mau Mau Groove RMX) – Marko Nastic
04: I See Lights (Karmon RMX) – Jimmy & Fred
05: Cream (Orig) – Claptone
06: One More Sound (Orig Club Mix) – UMEK
07: Silverback (Orig) – Matteo DiMarr, Dirty Harris
08: Electronic Revolution (Orig) – Oliver Knight, Hugo Jones, Viavlo
09: Funk It Up (Lance Leber RMX) – Ross Richards
10: Movin’ On (Orig) – Nic Fanciulli
11: Afro Medusa (Stephan Luke & Patrick M RMX) – Pasilda
12: Glove (Steve Banks RMX) – Matt Prehn
13: Synthetic Strings – Ludowick
14: What We Become – Lee Guthrie
15: Ventura (Orig) – Hal Incandenza
16: Befuddled (Orig) – Nigel Hayes, Clare Large

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