Rhythm Plate – “Off The Charts” (Lost My Dog) [review]


September 8, 2013 by DJ Elroy

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Order this monster here: http://www.lostmydog.net/offthecharts/

It’s not every day I get world-class deep house dropped into my box. In fact, over the past year or two it seems that “deep house” has been stuck to just about everything that can’t be pigeonholed into progressive, electro, trance, techno, or dubstep. But deep house is more than just a genre label. It’s a feeling.

“Off the Charts” is most definitely a legit deep house release, but it’s so much more. This thing is packed with emotion and lush sounds. It’s, well, deep, both sonically and intellectually. It’s one of those albums you’ve got to listen to from start to finish to get the full effect. Sure, each track is solid by itself, but the context of the set in its entirety adds another dimension just waiting to be explored.

The album opens with a jazzy sweetness on the downtempo ‘Drinks, Music, Girls’ before launching into more traditional soulful deep house beats. ‘Digital Entry’ flips the script and brings back electro breaks in the classic sense of the term. ‘Keep a Light On’  rolls into a super-sexy joint with haunting strings and smoky vocals. ‘Cut Price Air Cut’ keeps it fresh with an atmospheric trip-hop style flow before building back into the 4/4 structure. ‘Day By Day’ pops open some quirky, upbeat house music with swirling layers and smooth vocals before getting crazy with ‘King of Rubbish’, an 8-bit frumpfest. Absolutely wild!

Everything on this album is solid, but even more impressive is the number of gems buried along the way. If you’re looking for something stimulating and fresh to finish up the summer club season, this is for you. The art of the “story mix” has hit an all-time low recently with wave after wave of electronic pop hits, but “Off the Charts” seems to be reviving the game. The question is, can the attention span of today’s superficial candy-club masses really handle it?

Elroy Says: Grade A+. One of the best things I’ve found this summer!


One thought on “Rhythm Plate – “Off The Charts” (Lost My Dog) [review]

  1. jumpster says:

    Great album, great review!

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