Push It Real Good

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March 5, 2015 by DJ Elroy

To be the best, you’ve got to set higher goals than the rest.

Push yourself. Don’t just keep practicing the same routine over and over, try something you haven’t done before. You’ll probably fail, at least at first. But you’ll learn something.

Maybe you’ll learn something about the gear you’re using — a new shortcut, or a different way to use one of the fancy bells or whistles that seem to be loaded into all the new kits nowadays.

Or maybe you’ll learn the limits of your gear; you’ll figure out what it CAN’T do.

Maybe you’ll learn that DJs aren’t just limited to mixing two songs together. Maybe you’ll learn a new way to transition — for example try long, progressive builds or short, energetic slams. Or you’ll learn how to do live remixes. Or how to make acapellas work. Or how to use samples. Or how to mix more than two songs at once.

The possibilities are endless.

There’s a basic formula for DJing, but once you’ve got a grasp of the rules you need to break them. Failing to do something new or different is what holds a lot of new jocks back. They learn the basics and that’s it.

And if that works for you, great. But if you want to really get ahead and put yourself above the competition, you’ve got to push yourself. By pushing yourself, you’ll push your music. And if your music catches on, you’ll push the entire culture.Pus

Most people only want to take the easy road, but the path to excellence is through experience and mistakes.

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